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Group Automobilia has earned a renowned reputation in the truck industry and the Volvo network over the years.  Boasting four concessions in Ostend, Zarren, Ieper and Pittem,  the group offers optimal service!

You can rely on us for all original Volvo parts for trucks, trailers and buses. We also provide maintenance for all brands, perform brake checks on our brake test bench and offer breakdown assistance 24/7. In addition, we are also able to calibrate both analogue and digital tachometers.   

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Volvo trucks
Jaagpad 12
T 057 22 88 88 |
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Volvo Cars Volvo trucks
Ankerstraat 16
T 059 32 09 82 |
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Volvo trucks
Posterijlaan 12
T 051 46 06 66 |
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Volvo Cars Volvo trucks
Esenstraat 82
T 051 56 72 91 |